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Just imagine spending the rest of your life free from hunger and cravings. Your mind is alert and focused. Your body has greater energy, with improved physical performance and endurance.
Permanent wight loss is our goal for you and we are committed to helping you reach this goal safely, quickly and effectively.

At Mid Florida Medical & Chiropractic Center, we understand that "eating right and exercising a lot" does not always solve your weight problem. With us, you can look forward to permanent reduction in your weight and percentage of body fat.
Our Medical weight loss program is specifically designed to meet your individual weight loss goals. We design each weight loss program individually per person as we have found that everyones needs and goals are different, and so should each of your weight loss programs be different.
To begin the program, we start with an extensive medical examination, which includes blood tests and an EKG to assess your overall body wellness. Utilizing these results, we will create an aggressive weight loss program to suit your needs.
Along with a physical, we will consult with you on your normal eating and social habits. This will help us create a nutritional plan. We have found that too much restriction on your eating and lifestyle habits could cause you to crave more fatty foods and stray from a diet, therefore we incorporate some of your current foods and social habits into your specific plan. This allows us to design a plan around your current lifestyle, and with just a few changes, helps you stay on the right path to healthy weight loss.
Your progress is medically supervised and you will attend weekly visits for the duration of your program. This will help our Doctors track your progress and to receive the weekly B12 plus MIC shots needed to help continue your weight loss.
Our program will teach you that:

"Eating right and exercising a lot" doesn't always solve your weight problem. You, like so many others, struggle with your weight because of an underlying hormonal imbalance that has never been treated. This program will help to correct that hormonal imbalance.

Food is the most powerful drug that we put in our bodies and strongly influences our insulin levels. Hence, curbing your appetite can bring healing to your body and have a positive impact.

There are many triggers of "Emotional Eating" such as ; anger, sadness, disappointment, hopelessness, lack of control, anxiety, boredom and even happiness. We will equip you with the tools to deal with this phenomenon and still lose weight.

Your weekly injections ;

Increases your energy level
Helps prevent fatigue
Is a mild diuretic
Utilizes protein and fat


Amino Acid
Helps build muscle
Promotes healthy skin
Prevents fatigue
Powerful Antioxidant


Breaks down Fat
Promotes healthy hair


Breaks down Fat
Fights fatigue
Fights infections
Helps memory