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At Mid Florida Medical & Chiropractic Center, in one clinic, we offer various services to relieve your pain. As well as Chiropractic treatment, Physical Rehabilitataion and Massage Therapy, our Medical Doctors will evaluate your condition and may prescribe medication to relieve your pain. We encourage non-narcotic pain control treatment as much as possible.

Prescription of any medication is not a guarantee and is subject to several factors which will be explined in detail on your visit.

If you still fell pain during the course of your treatment, our medical staff may recommend injection therapy. This involves injecting medication into a tender point or affected nerve to provide relief and reduce swelling.
The following types of injections are provided;

Trigger Point Injection is an anesthetic used to treat muscle groups, especially in the lower back and neck, that contains trigger points or knots of muscles that form when muscles do not relax. Usually, a brief course of injections will result in sustained relief.

Nerve Block Injections are anesthetic or anti-inflammatory injections targeted towards a certain nerve or group of nerves to treat the pain.

Pain Management is just one of the tools we use to help you on your way to a healthy recovery.